Your one stop shop for Popcan airplanes. The Ace of popcan airplane patterns and haven for DIY popcan model instructions. Learn how to build an aluminum can airplane, beer can cars and jaw dropping soda can models! If you’ve got questions, then we have the answers! At Pop Can Models, we’ll show you how easy it is to make airplanes from popcans. We believe we produce some stunning works of can art made from proven and award winning plans. Check us out and then decide what you want to build. Will it be a popcan airplane, build a beer can or coke can car or much more? Our award winning plans have produced some of the most stunning works of art including the Life Size R2D2 project. So check out our plans below and decide if you are brave enough to join the elite can builders on the web. We think you’re ready!

popcan airplanes

The Ace of Pop can airplanes! Instant DIGITAL DELIVERY Plans in minutes & the PERFECT gift for any Hobbyist on your list!

On this site, you’ll find plans for everything from beer can airplanes, to Soda can tanks, to beer can cars. The plans are tested and proven and the models built from them have won a collective FIVE IPMS awards. No other can builders on the web can make that claim but us. Firstly, choose some plans then complete the checkout and get your plans right away. Secondly, start building like the elite builders who want to make the best and most realistic can creations on the planet. Finally answer that age old question of how to make a popcan airplane in spectacular fashion!

How to make pop can airplanes with Pop Can Models

If you need help or get stuck somewhere along the way, no sweat! We have a team of elite Beta builders who have made every single one of our popcan airplanes and can help you through the process. Simply reach out to them via email at and one of those builders will guide you through the process. In conclusion, we hope you enjoy your visit and you will visit the home of the best popcan airplanes often!



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